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Brings transparency to the historically opaque precious metals industry, allowing market participants to source metals higher up in the supply chain, and provides insight on elaborate details traditionally difficult to obtain.



Whether you are a jeweler, luxury company or an ESG fund, ORIGINS offers the ability to tag the digital records of ownership with criteria that meet and reflect the values of your company.



Seamlessly works with Tradewind’s existing VaultChain™ products, syncing additional, vital information on precious metals to users' existing electronic records of ownership.



Improves data integrity by requiring third-party verification throughout the supply chain. Initially requiring the refiner to approve all ORIGINS data entered by suppliers, and subsequently, Tradewind further verifies the identity of all parties in the ecosystem.

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How ORGINS Addresses Supply Chain Provenance

Track detailed supply chain information

ORIGINS links detailed information about the supply chain of precious metals to digital records of ownership on the Tradewind Platform. ORIGINS improves data integrity by requiring third-party verification throughout the supply chain. The refiner approves the data entered by suppliers and Tradewind verifies the identity of all parties in the ecosystem.

How does ORIGINS work?

Track detailed information about the supply chain precious metals from the source mine or recycler, through the refining process, and ultimately to the end physical product.

Sources: Mines and recyclers may add information about the source of precious metals refined at participating refiners. The data includes the location of the mine (where applicable), shipping dates, and a list of certifications or standards the source complies with. Once recorded on ORIGINS, the source information is linked to the digital records of ownership and will be visible to downstream participants as the metal is purchased and sold.

Refiner: Receives material from the source and approves the ORIGINS data recorded by the supplier on the Tradewind Platform. The refiner and source agree to the amount of fine ounces of gold or silver metal in their shipment, and register a corresponding amount on the Tradewind platform. Information about the refiner is also tracked and made available to downstream participants.

Market Participants: Can purchase and sell precious metals with linked ORIGINS information, allowing the participant to trade metal that meets their specific sourcing needs. Participants can hold precious metals balances on the Tradewind platform, and view their holdings summarized by source and location, or elect to take delivery of physical products at the refiner.

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Tradewind is backed by industry leaders in the precious metals and electronic trading sectors.


Kitco is at the forefront of innovation, applying the latest technologies to precious metals trading, global precious metals storage, digital metals, and leading the commodities media space.

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iTrustCapital utilizes VaultChain™ Gold to give clients the ability to buy and sell physical Gold 24/7. Clients place trades through iTrust’s interface and execute through precious metals leader Kitco.

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Wingold is the only mobile platform in Korea offering an innovative and unrivaled experience for investors to buy and sell precious metals in real-time.

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