Technology Solutions

TradeWind is a trading and post-trade technology and infrastructure provider.

Our technology platform is comprised of two systems:

Electronic MARKET

  • OTC inter-dealer matching engine driven by IEX's exchange technology
  • Electronic order entry and matching
  • Real-time quote dissemination

Distributed Ledger

  • Trade settlement workflow
  • Account management and record-keeping functionality
  • Enables record-keeping of direct ownership of vaulted metal (bailor/bailee)

Market Overview

TradeWind's OTC inter-dealer electronic spot market technology will offer bullion dealers and banks quote dissemination and order matching functionality for fine ounces of gold:

  • Order matching and trade settlement functionality
  • Account management and ownership record-keeping functionality
  • Gold storage at a high quality, highly secure LBMA approved vaulting facility

Order Entry

  • TradeWind's electronic market technology will be accessible via standard FIX APIs, which enable quoting and trading via customers' execution management systems (EMSs)
  • Order entry and price quotations will be accessible via EMS order tickets

Electronic Market Technology

TradeWind's electronic market technology will offer an OTC inter-dealer matching engine with familiar order types, conditions, and matching logic:

  • OTC inter-dealer market
  • Order types:
    • Limit
    • Market
  • Matching logic:
    • Price
      • Participant
        • Time

Distributed Ledger Technology

TradeWind's distributed ledger technology will offer gold settlement, ownership record-keeping and account management workflows:

  • Ownership record-keeping functionality via a cryptographically secure distributed system
  • Post-trade workflows:
    • Trade notification and confirmation matching
    • Netting
    • Gold settlement
  • Enables record-keeping of direct-ownership of vaulted metal (bailor/bailee)