Stores large portions of precious metals in reserve and oversees transportation, redemption and custody of gold and silver

Bullion Bank

Lends money to refiner; secured by gold at refiner and then sells refined gold to dealer, wholesaler or purchaser


Mines the gold and tags it with ORGINS information: it's location, compliance with responsible production standards, other ESG criteria. Sells metal to refiner or directly to purchaser


Buys metals from producers, creates refined bar, and borrows from banks to pay producer

Technology Partner

We are proud to use industry leading, resilient, and trusted technology partners that provide distributed ledger, cloud infrastructure, and security to power our ecosystem

Broker and Wholesaler

Sells precious metals to downstream clients such as jewelers, corporations, or central banks


Tradewind's investors believe and support our vision of improving the entire ecosystem for precious metals

Trust Company

Custodies self-directed retirement account assets

01 Tradewind's Ecosystem

01 Our Ecosystem

Tradewind proudly works with leading companies in the precious metals industry. We look at the whole value chain in a marketplace; we believe all market participants can benefit through careful, coordinated improvements in asset trading, settlement, custody, and deployment as collateral. Click on each segment to learn more.

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02 Our Platform

02 Our Platform

The Tradewind platform is a private, permissioned, and cryptographically secure interface limited to regulated dealers and institutions, which is moderated by legal and operating agreements. Within the platform, users can access Tradewind’s entire suite of products and solutions.

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VaultChain™ Silver Decorative Image #1 VaultChain™ Silver Decorative Image #2 VaultChain™ Silver Decorative Image #3

VaultChain™ Silver

VaultChain™ Silver represents fine silver held physically at the Royal Canadian Mint, and uses a blockchain distributed ledger for data accuracy, real-time tracking, and transparent auditability.

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VaultChain™ Gold Decorative Image #1 VaultChain™ Gold Decorative Image #2 VaultChain™ Gold Decorative Image #3

VaultChain™ Gold

Physical gold — digital ownership. VaultChain™ Gold is fine gold held physically at the Royal Canadian Mint with ownership managed via a secure blockchain distributed ledger.

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03 Investors, Partners & Clients


Tradewind’s investors are market leaders in the precious metals and electronic trading sectors.


Our partners are helping us solve complex challenges and are instrumental to our success.


We are proud to have industry-leading institutions using our digital products.

04 Media and Our Thinking

Get In Touch Decorative Image
Get In Touch Decorative Image

Get In Touch

Questions? Contact us here to learn more about Tradewind and how we’re modernizing precious metals.

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