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Fungible and divisible ounces of .9999 fine gold. Not a security, derivative, future, or other financial contract.



Fully backed by physical gold at all times and deliverable upon request.



No management or administrative fees. Driving the cost of gold ownership lower.



VaultChain™ preserves important information about the supply chain and provenance of metal.

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Purchase Precious Metals Digitally and Directly

Our blockchain directly and immutably connects investors and their physical gold positions.

VaultChain™ products enable investors to purchase precious metals digitally and directly --- without the opaque chain of custody issues faced by other gold products. The metal is custodied at the Royal Canadian Mint and distributed via a network of dealers, wholesalers, and clients of Tradewind. VaultChain™ Gold is investment grade physical gold vaulted at the Royal Canadian Mint and is not a security, derivative, future or other financial contracts.

Comparison Data:
VaultChain™ Gold vs. Gold ETF

Owning gold is now as easy as owning a gold derivative. Why settle for less?

Each unit of an ETF is a security that represents equity ownership in a fund or trust that in turn holds physical gold with a bank or other depository. The fund or trust charges owners an annual fee to cover management, storage, marketing and administrative costs. Final beneficial owners do not directly own the underlying physical assets held by the fund or trust and - in most circumstances - cannot take physical delivery of their metal.

VaultChain™ Gold is owned directly by the final beneficiary, whose metal is stored on a bailor-bailee basis with the Royal Canadian Mint and recorded on VaultChain™’s blockchain database; there is no trust or fund wrapper, which eliminates the associated management and administrative fees. The underlying assets are deliverable at the request of the final beneficiary through participating dealers

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VaultChain™ Gold

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Gold Bars


Evaluation Chart – Gold Bars vs GLD vs VaultChain™ Gold

Gold Bars
VaultChain™ Gold
Generic Ounces
Electronically Traded
Cost of Acquisition
Direct Ownership
Portfolio Integration
Annual Cost of Carry
20-100 bps
40 bps
Physical Delivery
*Cost estimates inclusive of explicit transaction charges, implicit spread, allocation, location swaps and other fees associated with physical gold.

Authorized Dealers

Tradewind is backed by industry leaders in the precious metals and electronic trading sectors.


Kitco is at the forefront of innovation, applying the latest technologies to precious metals trading, global precious metals storage, digital metals, and leading the commodities media space.

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iTrustCapital utilizes VaultChain™ Gold to give clients the ability to buy and sell physical Gold 24/7. Clients place trades through iTrust’s interface and execute through precious metals leader Kitco.

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Wingold is the only mobile platform in Korea offering an innovative and unrivaled experience for investors to buy and sell precious metals in real-time.

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