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We’re thrilled to announce that Wellfield Technologies, Inc. is acquiring Tradewind Markets, expanding our group’s reach and capabilities. Read more here and stay tuned for more details on this exciting development!

Tradewind Markets enables physical assets to be traded, financed, settled, and mobilized as collateral with confidence, transparency, cost efficiency, and social responsibility. We do this by digitizing trading, settlement, and custody and by leveraging the successes of our widely experienced professional team.

Tradewind built a digital platform for precious metals; we facilitate trading, supply chain management, settlement, and custody of those assets.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make physical assets more acceptable to buyers, sellers, borrowers, and lenders through digitization. We improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, enhance transparency, and reduce the cost of owning alternative assets.


Our History

Tradewind spun out of IEX in 2016 with the backing of leading companies in the precious metals industry to digitize commodities. We began by launching a physical gold product and supplemented our offering with physical silver. Our products and solutions benefit multiple participants in the ecosystem.


Tradewind Markets founded by Michael Haughton, Fraser Buchan, and Matt Trudeau

Tradewind was created to deliver a best-in-class institutional gold market and make investing directly in physical gold simple, secure and low cost. Tradewind provides producers with direct access to end demand with full transparency into pricing and to upgrade the quality of information in the supply chain.

Launched digital records of title, settlement, and custody for physical gold held at a sovereign institution.

In 2018, Tradewind launched digital records of title, settlement, and custody for physical gold held at a sovereign institution (Royal Canadian Mint). First Institutional- Grade Blockchain (VaultChain™) in production on R3 Corda. Provided digital records of title, settlement, and custody of physical gold held at a sovereign institution (Royal Canadian Mint, Gold Corp, Kitco, NABX).

Onboarded 12 institutional clients

Tradewind onboarded 12 institutional clients — a multi-segment network of commodities producers, banks, refiners, wholesalers, and dealers.

Completed a third round of Series A funding

Completed a third round of Series A funding (totalling $21.4 million USD) from IEX and precious metals industry participants.

Launched VaultChain™ Silver as second product offering.

VaultChain™ Silver provides a simple, secure and low-cost alternative to traditional silver investment options. VaultChain™ Silver leverages the immutability and security of Tradewind’s blockchain.

First regulated dealers successfully onboarded to Tradewind: Sumitomo and FC Stone.

Sumitomo and FC Stone were the first regulated dealers to be successfully onboarded onto the Tradewind platform to ensure the safe delivery of precious metal to downstream customers.

Former JP Morgan senior executive, Michael Albanese joins Tradewind as CEO.

Tradewind appointed J.P. Morgan executive Michael Albanese as CEO on April 30, 2019. With over 20 years’ experience in banking and securities markets, Michael assumes day-to-day leadership of Tradewind effective immediately.

Tradewind reaches 25 employees with expertise across a number of verticals.

Tradewind reaches 25 employees with expertise across a number of verticals, including exchange technology, blockchain, trading, market infrastructure, custody, and collateral management.

Launched ORIGINS, a supply chain traceability solution

Tradewind ORIGINS is a supply chain traceability solution that links detailed information about the provenance of precious metals and other alternative assets to digital records of ownership maintained on the Tradewind platform. Market participants can leverage the Tradewind platform to buy and sell precious metals adhering to social and environmental best practices from trusted sources and refiners, and authenticate the provenance of material through the supply chain. This includes visibility into the primary producers and other suppliers via adherence to a wide variety of industry standards.

First ORIGINS trade between Bank of Montreal and Agnico Eagle

Tradewind announced the first ever trade using Tradewind ORIGINS, its provenance management solution.This transaction between Agnico Eagle Mines and Bank of Montreal (BMO), confirmed by the Royal Canadian Mint, marks the first time economic segregation — typically used with carbon credits — and blockchain technology have been used for precious metals supply chain management. This allows purchasers of Tradewind’s VaultChain™ products to choose suppliers that meet their unique requirements, while addressing the market’s need for transparency.

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